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What modules does BrainO contain?

Life insurance
Life insurance, endowment life insurance, child savings plan, unit linked, supplementary insurance
how do you recommend the right insurance
General family insurance
Home insurance, casco, RCA, accident insurance, health insurance, travel insurance
Insurance for business
Insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), business interruption insurance (BI), all-risk insurance for
electronic equipment (EEI), liability insurance, employee insurance
How to increase the number of customers?
What to do to make customers look for you, how to find new customers
How to sell policies to new customers?
How to approach customers by phone, how to prepare the client visit, how to make customers aware of their insurance needs, how you communicate insurance solutions to customers, how you resolve objections, how you complete the sale.
How to sell new policies to old customers?
To whom you can sell other policies, to whom you can more easily sell other policies, which is the right time to approach old customers,
how you can approach old customers to sell them new policies
, how you can sell old customers new policies
What to learn at the start of your career, what sales actions to take at the beginning of your career, how to work as a part-time intermediary, how to work if you are a full-time intermediary