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What BrainO can do ?

It dialogues with you in two ways:
Chatbot You ask and BrainO answers. What can you ask? (Almost) anything about products, sales techniques or how to work efficiently. Role-play You can try to sell insurance to the BrainO virtual client. You can understand the level of difficulty by selecting the customer profile.
Receive quick feedback and recommendations to improve your selling skills
You get a picture of your performance during the exercise, and at the end you get an analysis +/- and a set of personalised recommendations.
Explains life and general insurance products
It shows you the mechanics of how to present your products so that the customer will benefits, how to answer questions and objections specific to each product, how to product, what information to ask for when making an offer.
Provides guidance
It gives you practical advice on how to organise your work. Yes, I know what you're thinking: BrainO takes into account whether you're part-time or full-time, beginner or portfolio.
Quick access to the desired information
You can write or say what interests you. Or you can search by hand.
Provides diverse sources of inspiration
Contains summaries, comparisons, graphs, dozens of case studies and numerical examples, as well as hundreds of scenarios for approaching customers at all stages of the sales process.
Provides online communication templates
Contains dozens of templates for communicating via WhatsApp or email, in all phases, from from prospect to customer. You can download the mock-ups to your laptop or phone and customise them for each customer.
Provides learning resources to your liking
Contains a library of varied learning resources, which is constantly being supplemented with new information - videos, audio recordings, PDFs, links, etc.
Includes a Forum
You can learn best practices and recommendations from other users. You can pass on your valuable and replicable experience to other users.
Automatically generates reports and statistics
If you like to measure your performance and professional development, you have access to reports numerical reports, statistics, graphs and forecasts.
You can find out which policies to sell to customers and how much money these policies will make you, now and in the future.